About HOFT Institute

About HOFT Institute

The HOFT Institute ESL program — previously called the Intensive American English Institute (IAEI) — was established in Austin TX in 1984. ┬áIt is a leading private English Language school teaching English as a Second Language. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to broadening and improving your English as well as providing you with an American cultural experience. We strive to accommodate the needs of each and every student. Every year, hundreds of students from all over the world choose to come to HOFT Institute, and we welcome each with open arms. Our teachers have been carefully selected and have a wide range of experience teaching English all over the world.

HOFT Institute ESL classes are designed to be interactive and to make students feel comfortable in real-life English experiences as well to prepare them to study in English speaking universities. We listen to our students and are always trying to improve every day to ensure our students are offered the best opportunities to improve their English. The best way to learn English and improve your fluency is to speak English every day and immerse yourself in an English speaking community. We are excited to be that community for you.

Mission Statement

Provide the best educational services to our clients within a global, cross-cultural framework and a positive professional environment for our associates.

Core Values

Respect for clients and associates is the key to continued success.

Integrity is gained through honest and faithful exchange of ideas.

Service is the hallmark of any meaningful cooperation.

Excellence is earned through hard work and persistence.

HOFT Institute ESL Program

2400 Pearl Street Austin TX 78705
1-512-472-6996 | English@hoft.edu