The HOFT Institute Advantage

The HOFT Institute Advantage For Agents

Interested in becoming a HOFT Institute Agent? Please send an email to or fill-out the agent application form below and a member of our time will get back to you as soon as possible.

Expertise and Partnerships

HOFT Institute has over 30 years of experience delivering English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) programs to international students from all around the world. We have guaranteed conditional acceptance for our students at over 80 universities/ colleges across the U.S.


HOFT Institute is located in Austin, Texas: America’s #1 tech city. Our program offers a unique campus experience. The school is conveniently located inside University of Texas at Austin’s greater campus environment, which means easy access to student dormitories, restaurants, medical facilities, gyms, shopping areas, and much more. Our school is open 8AM until 10PM on weekdays and is also open on Sundays.

Highly Qualified Instructors

HOFT Institute instructors are certified to teach English as a Second Language and have a minimum of five years teaching experience in intensive program formats. All faculty have traveled or taught internationally, and hold advanced teaching degrees

Friendly Student Services

We have several coordinators available from 8AM to 10PM Our staff speaks over 12 languages and have traveled to over 25 countries all across the world.

Excellent Commission for Agents

We appreciate our agents.  Working together, we are able to recruit students on a global scale and continuously build the diverse student community in HOFT Institute programs.

HOFT Institute ESL Program

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