The Impossible Love

The Impossible Love

Written By: Nizar (Student, Libya)

April 14, 2016

(Student translation from the Arabic)

I love you so much

And I know that the way to the impossible is long

And I know that you are the lady of ladies

And I don’t have a choice

I know that the time of nostalgia has ended

And the beautiful words have died

To the lady of ladies, what could I say?

I love you so much… I love you

And I know that I live in exile and you live apart too

And between you and me wind, cloud, lighting, thunder, snow, and fire

And I know that winning your heart is a delusion

And reaching for you is suicide

I will be happy to tear myself to pieces for you dear

And if they give me the choice, I’ll love you again

You whose shirt I spun from tree leaves

You who I protected from the rain drops with my patience

I know that I am traveling in your eyes, a sea without sureness

Leaving my mind behind me and running… running behind my madness

You, the lady who holds my heart in your hands

For god sake don’t leave me… don’t leave me

Who would I be if you didn’t exist?

I love you so so so much

I refuse to leave the fire of your love

How can a lover resign from his passion?

I don’t care if I get out alive from this love

I don’t care if I end up dead

  • The original poem was written by Nizar Qabbani, a Syrian poet and diplomat (1923 –1998), whose wife was killed in a bomb attack in 1981.

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