An Introduction to Burundi

An Introduction to Burundi

Written By: Lyse (Student, Burundi)

March 24, 2016

A small country but rich in many resources, Burundi is bordered by Rwanda, Tanzania and Congo. Burundi’s population has increased throughout the years. Before being independent, Burundi was called Urundi. Now, there are more than eight million people. The country has many tourist places where you can visit.

In the 1940s, Burundi and Rwanda were considered as one country called Rwanda-Urundi by the colonizers. However, before the time of colonization, both countries were separated. With the colonization, they became one country. This combination was due because of a number of key considerations. First of all, both countries are small and border each other, and they were being colonized by the same country, which was Germany at that time. Second of all, their native languages are almost the same. Thus, It was easy for the supervisors to communicate. Third of all, both countries have the same background. Therefore, to facilitate the collaboration, both countries were combined. However, after being proclaimed independent in the early 60s, they are once more separated.

Before being independent, Burundi was under monarchial reign. Burundi had seventeen kings in total. Kings were given special names after being proclaimed. The first one was called “Ntare”, the second “Mwezi”, the third “ Mutaga”, and the fourth “Mwambutsa”. Four kings constituted one cycle, so the fifth was called like the first one and so on. The succession was from father to son. Kings had many wives, so to avoid the problem of the succession, the king had to choose his successor just after being proclaimed.

Kings have their place where they were buried. This place has become a tourist spot. At that location, you can learn some stories about the kings and queens. Even if Burundi is a small country. there are many other attractions. For instance, in a province called rutana, there are four waterfalls, and all of them are in the same area. The falls are called “Chutes de Karere”. In the same province, there is somewhere in the mountains where there is a source of water, and that source is called “Source du Nil”. That source is the southernmost source of the Nile River in Egypt. There is also a pyramid, which was built by Egyptians long time ago.

Moreover, in the capital, called Bujumbura, there are many beaches. These beaches are around a lake called “Lac Tanganyika”. Tanganyika Lake is the second deepest lake in the world. In the lake, you can find many kinds of fish. However, there are two kinds of fish that you can only find in Tanganyika Lake. Those kinds are “Mukeke” and “Ndagala”. Certainly, there are still many aspects about Burundi that i have not discussed. These are only a few examples of many.

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