University Fast Track

University Fast Track

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May 24, 2015

Our University Fast Track is an Intensive English program designed specifically for international students seeking admission into U.S. universities.

Program Details:

Program Goals: Increase the individual student’s English proficiency and enhance college readiness through essential academic/cultural skill acquisition and admission consultation.

Program Features: The “University Fast Track” program is designed to prepare international students for matriculation at American colleges and universities. More specifically, it incorporates three unique components:

  1. The first component adds 75+ hours of intensive English instruction and is provided through upper-level electives and test preparation courses.
  2. The second component offers students intensive and interactive seminars taught by local professionals and University professors on topics such as reading/writing strategies, effective study skills, critical thinking, professional communication, time management, and leadership.
  3. With the third component, every Fast Track student receives individualized college selection and admissions advising and comprehensive application assistance from an in-house specialist. Together, these interrelated aspects of the University Fast Track program fully prepare students to gain admission, transition smoothly, and ultimately succeed at the college-level.

Program Price: $8,950 per student each semester includes:

 ·         22.5 classroom hours per week of intensive ESL instruction (5 courses)

 ·         2 Institutional TOEFL exams per semester

 ·         One specialized professional development seminar per month. Each seminar provides a unique opportunity for students to develop their academic and leadership skills taught by leaders in their fields. Some examples are:

Business writing

Public speaking

Time management & life skills

Effective study and critical thinking skills

Professional and leadership training

Technology, cybersecurity, and entrepreneurship

·         Up to 10 hours of personalized supplemental instruction per semester to assist  students with key language weaknesses

·         Academic and non-academic mentoring with Anjum Malik, the Vice-president of HOFT Institute

·         Research and application assistance for students:

Identifying a university appropriate for career goals

Clarifying admission requirements and deadlines 

Editing and proofreading résumés and application essays

Phone and email assistance with university representatives

Possible TOEFL waiver with partner schools

Possible conditional letters of acceptance to partner schools


Additional Services Include:

·      On-site attorney

·      Medical and legal referrals

·      Immigration counseling

·      On-site translation and interpretation

·      Assistance with bank accounts, cell phones, driver’s licenses, etc.

·      Housing assistance

·      University course auditing

·      Airport pickup/drop off if needed

·      Textbooks

·      Student IDs

·      Building-wide Wi-Fi access

·      On-site computer labs with extensive test prep software

·      Weekly student conversation club activities & field trips

·      Certificate upon completion

·      Female-only activities if requested

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